Good Morning, it's  Sat 13 Aug 2022   

Last Updated Feb 24 2020

After a couple of years break in hosting, the site's back up again. I'm hoping to get round to a much needed redesign sometime soon, but more importantly I'm aiming to update the Samba information to include integration with Server 2003 (and potentially 2008) Active directory/kerberos integration (2003) and integration of Squid with Winbind authentication.

Of course that now depends on me getting my head around Samba 4 and additionally 2012 R2!

Potentially, I may get round to documenting my experiments with Mythtv and TVB.

The site's continuously under re/deconstruction/development, please browse through what's here and check back soon for more content as I find time to add it...
Ultimately there should be all sorts of useful info on here, ranging from communicating with POP and SMTP mailservers through Telnet through CAT V wiring Diagrams to Integrating Samba into a Windows 2000 Active Directory Domain and the latest addition, getting Vista 64bit to run on an Asus A4000K (And anything else I get round to.)

Originally, the site was supposed to be for my own use, making sure I had notes available on all those little things that I know I've got working, but can't quite remember how.
In a fit of philanthropic madness, I decided I really ought to try and give something back - many if the thing's I've got here are available elsewhere, but what I've tried to do is put together some of the theories and suggestions I've seen and used into useful and practical chunks.
My biggest problem has always been the pages that give you the (frequently unnecessary) graphic and explicit detail on how to install X and Y which both depend on Z, then finish with:
"all that's left to do is edit the configuration file and start ... if you have any problems with the config, you can check the man page, or check out some other website."
So, what I've tried to do is gloss over the installations (usually ./configure | make | make test | make install or else rpm -U) and show examples of the config files I've used successfully, especially if I've spent a lot of time either combining the info from a large number of sources, or else have spent a lot of time looking for the one location where the vital "oh by the way" detail that make the thing work is actually written down.
At some point I'm hoping to get some sort of feedback on whether people have found the info useful, but I'm not holding my breath, and I will get round to adding none computer info as well - maybe even a picture or two !