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Last Updated Feb 24 2020

MCSE LogoI'm still working on this bit, but the short version... (accuarate in June 2003!)

I've now completed my Windows 2000 MCSE. (and finally got round to updating this page!)
(Subsequently updated to MCSA and MCSE on Windows 2003 must start looking into 2008 soon...)

As of 2003, I've been working in computers for 3 years seriously. I've been 1st and 2nd line Tech support for customers, Network Administrator, System Adminstrator and Server Administrator for heterogeneous networks involving combinations of Win200, Win98 and various Red Hat Linux systems. Most of the interesting stuff's been the configuration and suppport of Apache webservers, and integration of Windows OS's with Samba in a variety of different combinations.
(Whether using Samba as PDC for mixed networks, or integrating Samba into a full Windows 2000 Active Directory domain through WinBind.)

Current pet projects include:-
implementing IPSec in a heterogeneous networks (now that there's a stable 2.6 Kernel release)
a bootable CD linux distro incorporating Tom's developing "Virtual everything" file, web and mail servers
a school timetable generating system (I've not forgotten Simon)
another web based configuration system for remote admin of apache
helping out friends with photography for their hand made beaded jewellery website

Five years on, other pet projects include getting a Mythtv box to record Channel 5 reliably... little joy so far.